Milk Powder

Milk Powder


      Our milk powders are freshly made from choice plant-based ingredients. Just add water for a scrumptious, nutrient-rich and creamy milk that can be enjoyed in countless ways.

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      Natural milk powder is prepared from freshly prepared coconut milk. Afterwards, it is dehydrated into a fine, soft powder with a longer shelf life without preservatives. Natural milk powder contains a great source of good fat known as lauric acid. It also includes nutrients like potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, and sodium, in addition to proteins, carbs, fibre, vitamin C, and folate.

      Rural Treasures Range of Milk Powder

      Rural Treasures natural milk powder is vegan, keto, and paleo-friendly because it is made from fresh milk. It is free of harmful preservatives, chemicals, and added sugars. A meticulous preparation ensures that all of the nutrients are preserved. With the end product, you get an easy-to-use milk powder that smells and tastes delicious.

      Benefits Of Milk Powder

      ● There is a clear reason why milk has traditionally been linked to stronger, healthier bones. Milk powder contains enough calcium to meet your daily requirements.

      ● Milk powder offers potassium, which lowers blood pressure. Regular milk powder consumption can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease through controlled potassium intake.

      ● Unexpectedly, milk powder has a sufficient level of riboflavin, which is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. You can easily achieve perfect skin by regularly consuming milk powder in any form.

      ● One gram of protein is present in around 10 grams of milk powder. Therefore, regularly consuming can help muscle and tissue healing at the highest level.

      ● Many dancers and athletes have stated that ingesting a little milk powder sachet gives them instant energy. As a result, women frequently carry tiny powdered milk sachets to combat exhaustion while exercising.

      ● You may keep yourself hydrated by drinking milk throughout the scorching summers. You may always bring little sachets of plant-based milk powder and mix them with water to stay hydrated during the summer.

      Uses Of Milk Powder

      Milk powder may be used simply as a flavour enhancer in sweets, desserts, and beverages. It can be reconstituted to make coconut milk, which can then be used as a base for various gravies, soups, and stews. Additionally, you can make ice cream, mousse, coffee, tea, smoothies, and shakes with prepared coconut milk.

      In addition to being used in food, coconut milk powder can also be used in DIY skincare. DIY face masks can calm dry, tired and irritated skin. You can also use it as a hair rinse or mask to restore and rejuvenate damaged hair.

      Why Buy Milk Powder Online from Rural Treasures?

      Rural Treasures aspires to present you with the best gourmet food items, personal care, and plant care from every nook and cranny of India. Our search for these authentic products made us traverse through narrow lanes, unheard hamlets, and back alleys of real rural India. Buy natural milk powder in India from Rural Treasures.


      Powdered milk contains the same amount of nutrients as fresh milk. It offers minerals that help develop bones, including protein, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin A. To boost the amount of protein and calories in recipes, powdered milk can be used as a source of protein.

      Powdered milk is made from ordinary milk. Milk is processed by being placed in an evaporation tank
      and left there until around one-third of the liquid has evaporated.

      You can make delicious baked items and dairy-free ice cream with it and add it to lattes, tea, cereal, smoothies, and coffee. To make creamy coconut milk at home, combine 2-4 tbsp of coconut milk powder with 150ml of lukewarm water.

      The product has a 12-month shelf life after it is manufactured. Store it away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry environment. To increase the powder's shelf life, refrigerate it.

      Yes, there is no harm in consuming powdered milk every day.

      Milk is evaporated to dryness to produce powdered milk, also known as milk powder, dried milk, or dry milk. Because of its low moisture content, milk powder has a much greater shelf life than liquid milk and is not required to refrigerate.

      The price of Rural Treasures Milk Powder is ₹ 2,000. You can buy natural milk powder online from Rural Treasures.

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