The remedy to a lot of our aches and ailments often lie in nature. Our careful research and indigenous sources have helped us curate this range of therapeutic products.

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      Mahua Pain Relief Oil
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      Pain relief oils have been used for their therapeutic and anti-inflammatory qualities throughout ancient times. These oils are helpful whether a person is dealing with pain from an accident or discomfort in a specific body region. These oils are renowned for offering efficient pain treatment, and a light massage using them can significantly reduce pain. Natural pain killer oils are 100% safe to use as they are made with the goodness of natural ingredients. Shop the best pain relief oil in India from Rural Treasures.


      Quick Relief from Pain: Pain relief oils are meant to work instantly upon coming in contact with your skin which helps to relieve pain faster.

      Improves blood flow: The characteristic warmth of the pain relief oil rapidly improves blood circulation to the affected area, which further helps to reduce pain and soreness.

      Alleviates muscle pain: Pain killer oils penetrate deep into body tissues and release muscle tension, thereby reducing stiffness. Reducing stiffness in joints and muscles allows for free movement without pain.

      Reduces joint pain: Owing to the pain relief oil's abundant anti-inflammatory agents, it provides prolonged relief from joint and muscle pains.


      ● Relieving stress is massage's most significant benefit. Research data suggests that massages can assist in relieving stress and promote relaxation by reducing stress-causing hormones like cortisol.

      ● A good body massage will help stimulate your body's soft tissues and will aid in the release of toxins through your blood and lymphatic systems.

      ● Massage therapy will help you unwind and improve your mood. It will help you sleep better and wake up feeling less exhausted if you go to bed with relaxed and loose muscles.

      ● The body's inherent defences are recharged by stimulating the lymph nodes during body massages.

      ● You can eliminate toxic substances from your body by getting a massage. Bloating and water retention can be treated by detoxification.

      ● A professional full-body massage is an excellent technique to manage a sports injury or post-surgery recovery safely.


      With Rural Treasures, you'll find the best in food, personal care, and plant care from every corner of India. Finding these authentic products required us to traverse narrow lanes, unheard hamlets, and back alleys of rural India. Shop for good quality natural pain relief oil online from Rural Treasures at the best prices.


      Start warming a few drops of the pain killer oil between your hands. Now gently massage the affected area using firm strokes for instant relief. Continue massaging till the oil gets absorbed into the skin.

      By increasing blood flow and relaxing the muscles around joints, massage with pain-relief oils can help reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Regular application of pain relief oil will aid with pain reduction, mood improvement, and an improvement of range of motion.

      Mahua Pain Relief Oil is a 100% natural oil filled with bioactive compounds of the mahua seed that provide rapid and lasting relief from joint and muscle pains. The deeply absorbent oil emits a soothing warmth that reduces inflammations and relaxes the muscles, leaving behind nothing but a sense of serenity. It targets bodily aches such as knee pain, back pain, neck pain, calf pain, shoulder pain, and soreness and

      Yes, pain relief oils can be used in common areas to reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness. Massage twice a day with pain oils to relax the muscles and get instant relief from joint aches.

      Rural Treasures is committed to the welfare of both consumers and producers. Our staff helps farmers become informed and educated to offer their purest produce. Additionally, a profitable price is guaranteed for our farmers to support their livelihood and well-being. Shop for the best quality natural products like organic honey, natural hair care products, pain oil, natural skincare products, natural flour, natural jaggery powder, natural edible oil, gourmet food, and much more at the best prices.