Flour is a staple of multiple cuisines and often overlooked as an avenue to meet nutritional requirements. Natural non-wheat flours are fibre-rich and carry a wonderful blend of healthy nutrients suited to a healthy lifestyle.

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      Buy Natural Flour Online in India

      Many cuisines use flour as a staple, but it is often overlooked as a viable source of nutrients. In addition to being fibre-rich, natural non-wheat flours provide a wonderful blend of healthy nutrients essential to a healthy lifestyle. Natural flour is free from preservatives and has a high amount of proteins compared to other flour.

      Rural Treasures Range Of Natural Flour

      Rural Treasures Keto Flour is unrefined and free from additives or preservatives like other flours. There are no gluten, soy, or nuts present in this product. This flour blends beautifully with different flours and is easy to incorporate into daily Indian cooking as a great alternative to regular flour. Besides being high in fiber and protein, it's also low in carbohydrates, making it the perfect atta for people who follow a healthy lifestyle.

      Benefits of Consuming Natural Flour

      ● Natural flour contains a high amount of fiber that helps the food go through the digestive system more easily, which relieves pressure on the intestines. Additionally, helping the growth of beneficial bacteria in the stomach.

      ● Because natural flour has a low glycemic index, it won't cause a surge in blood sugar. Additionally, meals high in fiber aid in controlling blood sugar levels by slowing the pace at which sugar reaches the bloodstream.

      ● Natural flour contains good healthy fats and also has a low net carb count.

      ● Consuming natural flour protects your heart health by preventing the increase of LDL (low-density lipoproteins), which is harmful cholesterol.

      ● Natural flour is gluten-free; hence is a popular ingredient for people who follow a gluten-free, grain-free or keto diet.

      ● It meets your daily protein requirement because it contains more than 22 per cent plant protein.

      Uses Of Natural Flour

      Natural flour works wonders as a thickening ingredient in gravies, stews, sauces, and soups. It can be used for baking items like cakes, brownies, pizza dough, pasta, muffins, pancakes, bread, and biscuits. For everyday lunch, breakfast, and dinner options, healthy atta can be used for rotis, parathas, puri, naan, tortillas, dumplings, and much more. Even fried items can be made healthy using natural atta instead of breadcrumbs for coating.

      Why Buy Natural Flour Online from Rural Treasures?

      Rural Treasures aspires to present you with the best gourmet food items, personal care, and plant care from every nook and cranny of India. Our search for these authentic products made us traverse through narrow lanes, unheard hamlets, and back alleys of real rural India. Our team educates farmers so they can provide their greatest produce in its truest form. In a similar manner, we guarantee that our farmers receive a good profit price to sustain their livelihood and well-being. Buy natural flour online in India from Rural Treasures.


      Unlike other flours, natural flour is unprocessed and free of additives. Gluten-free atta is a wonderful substitute for ordinary flour. It has few carbohydrates and is high in protein, magnesium, potassium, and fibre.

      Yes, gluten-free flour is a great source of protein and nutritional fibre. It has trace amounts of sodium, magnesium, and potassium and is low in carbs. Fiber is essential for a healthy gut and stable blood sugar levels. Because our natural flour is so high in natural fibre, it aids in better digestion and helps people lose weight.

      Yes, our natural flour is gluten-free. A family of proteins known as gluten can be found in wheat and other cereals. It offers the stickiness necessary to bind and maintain the food's structure. However, it causes a lot of inflammation and contributes to several digestive problems.

      Our natural atta is free from additives and preservatives. It is nut-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. It is ideal for people who follow a gluten-free lifestyle. 

      The product has a 12-month shelf life after it is manufactured. Keep it away from direct sunlight in a cool and dry environment.

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