High Fibre Pancakes Recipe

  • Cuisine: Continental
  •  Dish: Dessert

Prep Time: 10 minutes          Cooking Time: 15 minutes


1. In a bowl, add the palm jaggery powder and milk. Stir till the jaggery dissolves.

2. Add the whole wheat flour, coconut flour, extra virgin coconut oil, vanilla essence and baking powder.

3. Mix the ingredients well till there are no lumps.

4. Heat a greased skillet over medium-low heat. Ladle the pancake batter and allow it to cook till you can see air bubbles in the middle of the pancake. Flip the pancake and let it cook for 4 minutes. Repeat with the rest of the batter.

5. Drizzle with honey and garnish it with nuts.

Recipe contributed by hardcorefoodie5 (Instagram)

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