About Us

Rural Treasures aspires to present you with the best of food, personal care and plant care from every nook and cranny of India. Our search for these authentic products made us traverse through narrow lanes, unheard hamlets and back alleys of the real rural India.

Through our endeavour, we aim to bridge the gap between urban and rural life. Beholding urban life rigorously, we noticed how our generation negotiates with health by consuming overly processed and chemically produced products. To put an end to this compromise, we strive to bring you 100% natural products. Our team aspires to deliver raw, unprocessed and natural products to you for a healthy and natural lifestyle. These products are created by farmers employing traditional methods and age-old wisdom. Most of their knowledge is passed through generations and every farmer we came across has a well-guarded family secret that makes their produce outstanding.

Rural Treasures commits to the welfare of both consumers and producers. Our team enlightens and educates farmers to offer their best in an unadulterated form. Similarly, we also ensure that our farmers get a minimum profitable price to support their livelihood and well-being.

Our Commitments

To offer 100% authentic products from the rural roots of our country.
To encourage the welfare of farmers as well as consumers.
Enable creating a healthy and sustainable environment.

Our Story

We have always believed that we can find the solution to a lot of our contemporary health and ecological concerns within our heritage. Most of it is preserved in our rural lands so we decided to bring the health and wisdom from India’s rural farmlands to India’s urban kitchens. This led us on a quest to discover farmers who are entrenched in ethical and natural practices of production.

The unearthing of one gem led to another and, over the course of several years, we now have a reliable network of sustainable farmers across the country. Their produce is unique to their region and we resolve to preserve that quality from soil to table so our consumers get nothing short of Nature’s best.